I’m a writer, content creator, and generalist marketer raised in New Jersey and living in Brooklyn. I started my career in journalism and have spent the last 7 years working for high-growth tech companies, including Google, Fundera (acquired by NerdWallet), and AngelList. I currently freelance for a handful of startups and VC firms, including Hustle Fund, Mercury Bank, OpenView, Pave, Harmonic, Metronome, and others.

I specialize in building educational, SEO, and sales-driven content campaigns across a variety of channels, including blogs, email, YouTube, social media, ads, and more. I’ve written for dozens of media publications and brands, and consulted on content marketing for numerous startups. I’m also an active angel investor.

On this blog I share ideas and frameworks around writing / work gleaned from my experience working in creative roles in tech. I also like to write short stories, personal essays, and satire.

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