Romantic Places to Propose on the New York City Subway System

On the platform of the Hoyt-Schermerhorn stop, as the wind from the passing G Train blows your hair across your face.

Hurtling through darkness on the uptown A Train, the light from the passing stations dancing in your eyes.

As you make eye contact with the man having a psychotic break at Broadway Junction. He smiles.

While we sit stuck at Metropolitan Avenue due to a signal failure. You keep saying “this is why I wanted to call an Uber.”

Holding our breath as an NYPD officer does a wellness check on a sleeping homeless man.

Between two manspreaders.

On the 4 Train back from Yankee Stadium after you rejected my jumbotron proposal.

In line to buy a Metro Card during rush hour at World Trade Center.

While the Q Train is being held at Union Square due to an unruly passenger.

After I forgot the Manhattan-bound L Train is closed this weekend for Hurricane Sandy repairs. Uber’s are $100+

As another couple gets into a very public argument on the G train. “I’m so glad we never make a scene” you tell me.

During a homeless man’s 15-minute rendition of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well,” for which he receives a standing ovation.

In front of the underground entrance to the K-Mart at Astor Place.

Near what’s undoubtedly a pool of human piss that’s snaking its way up and down the train car.

As the F train crawls through the tunnel at 5 mph for no reason whatsoever. Your pretty foot taps the floor impatiently.

Inside the New York City Transit Museum, which is actually located in a decommissioned subway station. We live right around the corner, and yet you never want to go.

While we’re both stuck in between the turnstiles because we tried to go two at a time.

After we don’t stand clear of the closing doors.

Before I drop the ring onto the tracks and a rat swallows it whole.

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