I’ve Stopped Eating Delicious Food Except for When I Eat Delicious Food

Food is delicious. Or rather, all food worth eating is delicious. But in the name of health, I’ve decided to stop eating this delicious food. Except for when I do eat delicious food. Which isn’t all the time. Just when I’m eating it. Catch my drift?

It’s very hard to cut delicious food out of your diet. Which is why I haven’t. I just continue to eat delicious food and not enjoy it as much because I feel ashamed I’m eating such delicious food. But at least now I’m more aware of what I’m putting into my body, which is tons of delicious food.

It’s good to have a goal of avoiding eating too much delicious food. The challenge is actually following through on that goal. What makes delicious food so hard not to eat is 1) its deliciousness and 2) the alternatives to delicious food—which is food that is not delicious. Do I really want to eat more food that’s not delicious just because I’m trying not to eat delicious food? I wish there was another option.

I think the best way to scale back my delicious food intake is to remember how I feel after I eat delicious food. Which is pretty good, especially if the food is extra delicious. But maybe a little while after that I’ll feel bloated and flabby. There’s only one thing I know that helps me forget all about that: a big plate of delicious food.

It’s so hard to “eat right” when what feels right is eating delicious food. I wish I was like those people who are healthy even though I see them eat delicious food. They say they just eat delicious food when we’re out for dinner at a restaurant. I do the same exact thing, except I also eat delicious food at home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and often late at night as well.

I don’t take my health for granted. I understand we only get one life. But if I’m going to die, I want to make sure I sample all the world’s delicious food before I go. It would seem to me the people who focus on diet and exercise are the ones not making the most out of life.

Because if life isn’t about eating lots of delicious food, then why is there so much of it? You can find delicious food without even trying hard. But food that’s not delicious is so hard to find and much more expensive. I think the universe is trying to tell us something.

My point is I am being careful about my delicious food intake. And by careful, I mean I’m rigorously researching the places that make the MOST delicious food, and then going there. But believe me, there are still times when I’m not eating delicious food. It’s usually immediately before or immediately after I eat delicious food.

Please don’t put too much pressure on me to stop eating delicious food. We’re all doing our best to care for ourselves in a world that doesn’t make it easy to avoid delicious food. I think I’m doing a pretty good job except for the multiple times a day, every day when I eat a bunch of delicious food. But I swear after my next meal of delicious food I’m done eating delicious food. Until my next meal.

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